We have detected an increasing number of threats from infected web sites that show a pop up asking you to install a fake ‘Flash player’, ‘Video player’, or ‘Java update’ containing a Trojan downloader with actual malware viruses. Mike’s advice: “never click on a download offer for anything that pops up on any web site. Not even a trusted site like Facebook. If you see one, it is best to just close the web browser.”

Beware the Facebook ‘Magnet’ scam: Experts warn ‘malicious tag’ campaigns are rising – and can infect 55,000 users a day.

A Trojan is making its way around the world’s most populous social network, infecting some 110,000 Facebook users in just two days. The malware spreads itself by posting links to a pornographic video from the account of previously infected users. The postings generally tag up to 20 friends of the infected. If and when a user opens the link contained in the post, the video begins to play but then stops and asks the viewer to install a fake Flash player containing a Trojan downloader with the actual malware. This scam has been dubbed ‘Magnet’ because it attracts and lures people to it.

Facebook, is aware of the issue and is working to blocking the linking perpetrating the scheme.

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I think my computer might be infected

Danny’s advice: if your computer is infected, turn it off and seek professional service. Don’t try to fix it your self because many viruses try to hide and also multiply. Virus removal is not an easy task. Also don’t put it off and keep using it, a compromised computer puts you and others online at risk.