Technology is getting smaller and smaller, and more versatile than ever. The first computers were clunky, inefficient, easily overheated, filled entire rooms, and were barely more than giant calculators. Now, we have paper-thin handheld devices that instantly bring information and perform millions of calculations per second; the world at your fingertips delivered on crisp, clear screens. With the many options available,  you can choose exactly what will fit best into your busy life. Many people are making the switch from laptops and desktops to tablets. Tablets are great for people who are on the go and need something that is easy to take with them. If you’re considering buying a tablet to replace your laptop, then there are a few things you will need to know.

Tablets are great for travel.

Tablet are smaller, lighter, and have a better battery life than most laptops. Since a tablet is, appearance wise, basically a big screen, they are ideal for watching videos and playing games. However, tablets are also useful for taking notes during meetings or class, organizing your busy schedule, or even preparing a presentation. You can store your favorite music on your tablet, or download a streaming app for listening. It is true that you can do all of these things on your laptop, but tablets have the benefit of being small enough to travel without being intrusive.

Tablets are versatile

Tablets have a range of uses. For example, tablets make great E-readers for those who like to read on the go, and have a broad range of apps available depending on which brand of device you choose. You can have a calendar to keep appointments, an alarm, your favorite games, and more. If you’re tired of trying to squint to read your email on your phone, then tablets are a good option due to the enlarged screen. Though you can always download a game or program on your laptop, apps simplify the process. Downloading an app is usually as easy as one click, and does not require a product key–though not all apps are free, and may request some form of payment.

Tablets look cool

Though they say looks aren’t everything, tablets do have a sleek, futuristic design. Laptops, which have more of a “clam s
hell” appearance with the screen folding down over the keyboard, can be bulky and difficult to hold. They readily fit  onto desktops and laps, but are meant to sit stationary during use. Many unfortunate laptops have met their end as their owners attempt to balance it on their forearm while typing. Tablets, on the other hand, are easy to hold which allows you to move about while working, watching, or even while taking pictures. They are also great for holding as your curl up in your favorite chair to work or watch. Tablets also have a wide range of accessories available, which makes it easy to customize your device.


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