Storm season is in full swing, and while you may have taken steps to protect your house and property, have you done the same for your electronics?  Brown-outs, power surges, and power outages can be devastating to electronics, but there are a few things we can recommend.

Surge Protector

Minimally, you should plug your electronic devices and chargers into a surge protector. It is important to note that a surge protector and a power strip are not the same thing. A power strip allows you to plug multiple devices into a single outlet, but a surge protector contains components that absorb electrical surges. A surge protector can only absorb a certain number of surges, and over time, it will eventually lose its ability to protect your devices. We recommend replacing your surge protector if it is more than two years old, or buying one with an indicator that lets you know if your devices are being protected or not.

Battery Backups 

A battery backup is like a surge protector, but it will also defend against brown-outs, which occur when the power level dips down but doesn’t completely go out. Battery backups contain a battery, much like a laptop, and some can even send a signal to your device to gracefully shut down when the power goes out, which ensures that your data is safe. Devices like desktop PCs, home theater systems, and other sophisticated electronics would be better protected by a battery backup than a surge protector in the event of a power outage. Though battery backups are more expensive than surge protectors, they also do more to protect your devices from the rigors of electrical storms.