Managed Service Provider

Quick Fix | Testing & Feedback | Fast Return

Receive all the perks of having your own “Computer Help Desk” without having to deal with multiple vendors, software upgrades, operating system patches, updating virus definitions, or remembering to do backups. Regardless of your current support situation, we will assist in helping you understand all the phases necessary to your I.T. needs. Our Managed Services is designed to keep your PC’s and Laptop’s healthy so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Common Issues We Help You Solve Include:

* Reducing Downtime * Improving System Performance * Updating Your Software * Overcoming Lack of In-House IT Resource * Keeping your PC’s and Laptops Working * Installing Updates and Upgrades * Backups * Anti-Virus * Disk Space * Networking * External Websites * Security * Hardware * Performance

Need help with an issue?

Need it now, and unable to wait for a technician to arrive! Rapid I.T. offers high-grade, professional, confidential, and speedy remote assistance for those that are unable to wait for a house call.

IT Managed Services: Support & Maintenance

Rapid IT team of experienced managed services specialists offer solutions for a wide variety of industries and IT needs. Our offerings include:

* Speed up your slow computer, guaranteed to be faster and more reliable. * Remove Viruses, Spyware/Malware, Dangerous Rootkits, and Annoying Bloatware * Remedy those annoying ERROR message pop-ups * Install, Upgrade, and/or Configure Software * Configure Email Accounts

All connections VIA Remote are Safe, Secure, Confidential, and Guaranteed. Remote Assistance enables us to connect, with your permission, to your PC or Mac computer, from our computers so we can see what you are seeing. We can remotely work with programs or files on your system, diagnose and troubleshoot any issues you might be having, and then repair them immediately. It’s as if our techs are sitting at your computer, it’s that fast and easy!

For any concerns on Remote Desktop Connections, please feel free to inquire about “LogMeIn” or “Teamviewer” and any other similar software. This is a professional grade and globally used means of remote services.

  • Flexibility in our plans to match each business’ particular needs
  • Fast response time to clients
  • 24/7 IT support
  • Collaborative approach to working with businesses
  • Extremely friendly service
  • Expertise in IT that goes beyond simple troubleshooting
  • Embracing innovation to increase productivity and save cost